Resources and system requirements for the general course and for each activity.

Project under development and undergoing pilot testing. Contact if interested

Zoo Tools for Google Sheets

A custom Google Sheets add-on built to assist with plotting and data analysis. The current version of the tool contains helpers for scatter plots, histograms, and basic statistics. The additional student survey form and map helper is specific to Introduction to the Data Analysis Platform for teaching how to use the add-on. The add-on is already installed if the templated Google Sheets for each activity is used. Alternatively, instructors and students can install the add-on for their Google account independently.

Important for instructors:
Your university's Google Apps for Education domain may have a policy in place to disallow add-ons. If your university disallows add-ons, you will either need to request this add-on to be white listed in your university's Google Apps for Education domain, direct your students to setup Google accounts to install the add-on outside of your university's domain, or you can choose to implement the activities without the add-on.

System requirements for Zoo tools for Google Sheets
Hardware Browser
Desktops or laptops using recent versions of either Windows, OS X, or Linux.

Note: Google Sheets Add-ons are disabled for mobile and tablet devices. Google Sheets can be edited using the Google Sheets app available for iOS and Android. Standard spreadsheet functions are available for both Android and iOS apps. Charts are only available for the Android app. Read more on how to implement the activities without the add-on.
Current and last version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Google Sheets is only supported in Internet Explorer 11.

Source Code Report Bugs
Please include operating system and browser version with bug reports.

Activities without the Add-on Guide

Google Sheets provides support for standard A1 functional notation as well as charts and plotting. Several guides are available online:

Important for instructors:
All of the activities can be done without the add-on except for the HR Diagram activity's plot which requires the ability to invert the y-axis. The add-on has this custom built feature. A work around is being developed for non-add-on users.

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